My sons first trip out west


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Aug 10, 2011
Well we headed out Wednesday morning and stayed the night in Rapid City. We looked over the map and made a plan. Well we found out from mom that we had left our tags on the kitchen table. So Thursday we head out get to town and reprint our tags. On a whim we picked up a doe whitetail tag for my son and we changed in the parking lot and went hunting. The first spot we hit I see a doe standing in the hillside and that’s when the rodeo began. A truck came flying into the road side about 40 mph and guys started bailing out. No biggie we see 3 other trucks parked on that little section and decide to press on. We go to the next spot and hike up on a hill and sit down to glass. We spot a herd of about 12 that are on private so we just watch them. They move off and head to a group of other hunters. While we are watching a group of 4 come smoking by about 1000 yards out. We pack up and head to another spot we hike back in and see a few other hunters. My son finds a glove and we see a guy hiking out with a buck. The guy was super nice and from Pennsylvania my son asked if he had lost a glove and the guy said no it wasn’t his. So we chat for a few minutes about the unit and he ask what we were hunting my boy says we have doe antelope tags and that he also had a doe whitetail tag. The guy tells us to go check out a walk in area that he had scouted that had some whitetail does in it. Well we go check it out and only get about 100 yards in and jump a young doe well she runs about 30 yards into some brush and thinks she is hidden. We get set up and the boy makes a perfect shot and down she goes. We get some pics and get the deer taking care of. We do the gutless method and head to the truck. We get to my buddies elk camp and the boy was the star of camp since he was the only one who had any meat for the day. The fellas were all congratulating him it was an awesome day for him. My buddy fried up a back strap for him and he shared it with all in camp. The next day we tried to find an antelope but with no luck. We hiked over 10 miles and never seen another antelope But we had a great day and spent some quality time together. Saturday brought some bad weather and we packed up and headed home. The unit was crazy with pressure and we didn’t tag an antelope but we had fun. It was the best hunt I have ever been on and I never even took my rifle out of the case. He is excited to go back next year and get an antelope so we are looking at what units we want to try for next year. I only get one chance with him and I hope to make all the memories I can with him.



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Nov 30, 2014
Once you have a few areas picked out for next year shot me a PM, be happy to help you out!


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Feb 3, 2014
Congratulations! That is awesome and I am glad that you were able to get the issues sorted out with the tags. Nothing better than seeing him enjoy some success!
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