Mule deer decision


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Dec 4, 2011
Omaha, NE

With the season structure change, and a little impatience, I'm strongly considering burning my mule deer points this year. I have enough points to draw either Unit 21 2nd season or Unit 40 3rd season. I've hunted around the west, but never in western CO. I'm hoping to get a few opinions on 2nd vs 3rd season.

Obviously 3rd season is better, however, I'm trying to weigh that with the unit quality. Unit 21 appears to be better on paper and I know a few folks that hunt that unit that would be willing to help. Local knowledge would be very helpful. It seems getting away from others is impossible in 21.

Unit 40 3rd season would potentially time the rut better and be able to find pockets of public away from other, but I would be on my own. I will take at least one scouting trip this summer to either unit.

Any input or opinions would be welcome. I'm really on the fence on this one.



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Jul 29, 2013
Haworth Oklahoma
Not really sure what to say other than ive seen some 2nd season bombers come outa 21. Including a monster taken by a gal featured in eastmans magazine within the last year or two. My dad used to hunt 21 during the late October time frame (2nd) many years ago and saw plenty of deer movement. This was in the otc days when there was a lot of people still hunting before hunter numbers began to crash. At least I hear numbers of hunters are less now than then. They never mentioned seeing that many people. Im sure that now in the last gasps of hunting (so im told) there wont be very many hunters at all in a highly regulated draw unit. Oh yeah and elk season was open then as well. Wish I had your dilemma.


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Oct 12, 2014
Woodland Park, Colorado
Each unit and each season in each unit is different. Its always an apple to orange comparison in my opinion. Too many variables that change yearly.

Id go in the area you know the best in the season that you could scout the most.


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Aug 8, 2016
Johnstown, CO
Agree with Slugz. I've seen many of mega deer get shot in 0 pt units and 20 point units, 2nd, 3rd, 4th whenever but they key factor was time put in