Moving to Montana

Velvet muley

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May 17, 2015
Hey, I have taken a job In Billings area and will be moving there shortly. So my question is about how the whole license/permit thing works. I don't understand the whole general vs A vs B vs Permit stuff. What's the benefit of each of those licenses? Can I buy a B license and also put in for a Permit or is that just with a General license? Can I kill multiple deer and elk in a year?


Apr 22, 2013
You must wait 6 months to become a resident after you get here. As a resident, you can purchase your general tag and apply for district select permits next spring, these tags would be for a bull and or buck or either sex in a lot of cases. B tags are available for cow and does. The deadline for draw was June 1. There should be some surplus B tags in some districts if you would chose to purchase as a NR this year.


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Feb 3, 2014
For this reason...Montana was one of the toughest to display inside of TagHub and give the best format.