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Keying off of Dan Turvey Jr.'s "nostalgia" post - what is your favorite old gun story? Mine? Here goes...

A few years back I inherited my dad's favorite waterfowling piece, his Remington 3200 Magnum. Some of you may be like what is that? Well, the 3200 is the last really great over/under shotgun the Big Green made. I know, I know, some of you may say what about the Peerless or the Ideal?, but as for popularity and design the big 3200 cannot be beaten. Heck Kreighoff bought the patent for the action and still uses it to this day.

Now the 3200 magnum is a fairly rare bird, less than 2000 ever made, and they fetch a handsome price today, if you can find one. But I digress, let me get to the hunt.

Last December I took my father on a late season hunt and chose to break out the old magnum as well. She doesn't see much service anymore but this needed to happen. After I downed a couple birds with her my dad asked if he could shoot her again. Well, you can guess what happened; he doubled on twin greenheads to fill out his limit! We went home and while cleaning birds he spun yarns of his exploits with the old magnum and its 30" twin tubes. Cleaning birds transitioned to cleaning guns and ended with a couple glasses of bourbon sitting by the woodstove. While I knew many of the stories by heart it was wonderful to kick back and listen to my father recall long ago exploits rekindled by one morning with his old pet, the 3200 Magnum.

Please share your favorite "old gun" stories... We'd love to hear them. Thanks.

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Jun 8, 2011
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My Grandfather was a dedicated waterfowl hunter. He loved to hunt ducks and geese and often told of hunting swans too in his youth in Montana. He used a Winchester M 97 pump with a Cutts Compensator, an early add on that allowed you to screw in different chokes like todays screwin chokes. I used to make fun of his old "antique" with a "dog knot" on the end of the barrel. I decided to buy him a new gun one year for his birthday. I bought a Winchester M12 3" Duck Gun with a ventilated rib. I gave it to him and he shot it a couple of times, but put it away in his gun closet. He shot the 97 until he died. My cousin has it and I have the Model 12.
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Jun 9, 2011
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Hello CC, I have an old Winchester Model 12 Waterfowl Magnum with a solid rib. I put it away when steel shot was forced upon us, as I refused to subject the old gun to the surgery required to enable it to digest steel shot. I know non lead shot has improved quite a bit since the steel days, and wondered if you had any suggestions along those lines. I have been looking at Hevi Shot, but do not know much about it.