Montana 2019 season dates


Apr 22, 2013
Looking like archery for elk and deer will run from Sept. 7-Oct. 20th, with rifle going from the Oct. 26-Dec. 1. Wondering how much archery elk hunting will be done the final 3 weeks of the bow season? I have property I am leasing for the entire year and am wondering if it may be worth leasing the last 3 weeks of bow season at all. I already have it leased a few time in the 4 earlier weeks, but I am looking at working with just 1 more group for the rest of it....


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Mar 16, 2014
N Idaho
Thanksgiving is as late as it can be this year I think, so everything will be late (season closure and therefore opener). Where did you get the dates? The archery opener on 9/7 is a big one for me coordinating with Labor Day and ID archery.
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