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Oct 6, 2015
I am a member of the board of Directors of the Wisconsin Bowhunting heritage Foundation Museum. Our mission is to fill our limited space at the museum with items that showcase the history of bowhunting in Wisconsin. The museum is located in Clintonville, Wisconsin at the headquarters of the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association. The contents of what we display at the museum are donated items beginning with the birth of the archery deer season and archery deer hunting license that originated in Wisconsin thanks to the late Roy Case.

Because we rely on donations of items and because our mission is to showcase only Wisconsin bowhunting items, our collections committee is sometimes faced with donations that are not specific to our mission. When we accept a donation, the donator is asked (via a form) if the item does not fit our mission, that we would be able to liquidate the item to raise the needed funds for our 501 c 3 Non-profit. Most times, the donators agrees to that.

Many of the donations come from the living heirs of deceased bowhunters that have no want or need for the items but they knew that late bowhunter was passionate about the sport and was likely a member of the Wisconsin Bowhunters association so they bring the items to us. We are always thankful for the donations and make it clear to the donator that if the item is not specific to our mission, they we may use the item to fund our cause and that their donation may be sold and the money would act as a donation to cover our operating expenses because like every small, private museum, we are low on space and funds.

Ive just recently returned from a meeting of our board of directors and I have been tasked with the liquidation of several more items. In most cases the members of the board are collectors and know the value of the items we are preparing to sell but in this case, nobody from the board has a clue as to the value/worth of this particular item so we are at a loss for how to list it. Ive contacted )Via their web site) Charlie Norton sculpting to gain info and a date of this item but have not received a reply as of this writing.

This bronze is heavy (about 6 pounds) and is about 14" tall by 10 inches wide and is in perfect condition.

Im attaching a video of the item in question. If you have any insight into this, please me us know.

Sharp, I applaud you and your board's effort to preserve the history and tradition of archery hunting in your home state. I further applaud you for your advanced thinking in getting folks to allow you to sell items of value but not great historical value or those not pertinent to your museum collection. I was a museum director for a number of years and it pained me to turn down such items because there wasn't a good way for the museum to sell the items and most of the time the folks didn't want the items sold. I digress...
As for the sculpture, I am not an art appraiser and I can't say anything about the artist as I had to rely on my friend Google to find the basics. Seems like the artist pages are old dated so not much to go on there. However, with the limited number of the bronzes and the special genre of the piece, I would say the value should remain fairly high. Quick finds of other bronzes of his are listed for $2500 and up, I'd have to say that the Whitetail bronze is safe in the $800-1200 starting price range.