Long range build


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Feb 28, 2011
Wanting to build a new rifle, mostly just because why not.
It would be an elk rifle if built so what say the experts?
I like and have a couple. 300 win mags but not set on any caliber, rifle or anything.

Did find a sendero in .300 win mag for a grand. But things have gotten so much more advanced sence the sendero came out.


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
How about the 6.5-300 Weatherby

While it is a long action it's got the range and power for most animals.


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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
I was going to go with the 6.5 PRC but settled on the 28 Nosler.
Savage with the proof barrel. Extremely accurate rifle.
I added the Sig Sierra BDX 52mm scope and Kilo 2500 BDX range Finder.

Correction on my post. 28 Nosler not 6.5 Nosler
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I would first define “Long Range”! You’ve already dropped elk from the menu, which allowed you to drop down a bit in caliber.

However, if you are not recoil sensitive, you can still have a 1000 yard rifle of substantial cartridge capabilities, while keeping the package light enough to be a “practical” for hunting.....while putting elk back on the menu! PS, I define “hunting” as actually carrying the firearm on your person “over hill and dale”..... “NOT” lmiting one’s self to driving to an overlook to “snipe” game at long distances! 😉

Increasing rifle caliber, bullet weights, and velocities does not reduce it’s capabilities to take smaller big game! I don’t think that I’ve ever heard someone say they had too much rifle performance. They may have chosen the wrong bullet for the increased velocity, causing excessive meat loss.....which is a “bullet thing” not a “caliber/velocity thing”! In a practical, reasonable carry weight firearm......there is no such thing as “overkill”! 🤔

The .338’s ( .338 RUM, 338 Lapua, & 338-375 Weatherby ) are cartridges that can be part of a “reasonably” weighted platform, have a large number of great long range type bullets, and have plenty of horsepower for long range elk hunting!

Obviously, these are my opinions, and should be valued as such! 😉 memtb
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Mar 9, 2014
Whatz barrel life like on the 28 noslar? The prc is last 1250 or and the cm is last around 2000 or a little more.
I've heard diff things and have been awaiting more real-world scenarios to play out to see. It is a concern to be looked into....


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Feb 28, 2011
I have a cooper arms 300wm and my son in law is chasing sheep with it as i write this but after a week and pushing close to 75 to 100 milez carrying that rifle i was thinking of maybe a short action might save a couple pounds. I would like that 500 yard range as the cooper can handle the stuff out to 700 or so. Not saying I haven't looked and still want something like a 300/378 or 338/378 or one of the other big guns. I just don't have a really nice sheep type rifle just in case i draw a tag lol
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Nov 29, 2011
may be late to this thread....but

my heavy long range elk set up is a .340wby, has a 26" barrel, but if I were going custom or could pick everything I wanted, I'd have a 24" barrel, 225ttsx@3100

I also have a 300win.mag.,

but my current intent is to one day get a .300wsm and probably shoot 150ttsx@3300 for a lightweight do all including elk.... short action, 23" barrel.
IMO you'll get more from the 300wsm with 150s from a short barrel than you will a 270wsm or 6.8 western... and unless we're talking over 600yds, which I'm not, then you won't see the benefits of those over the 300wsm, and if you really need to push it further you can step up to 165/180.