Lightweight Hunting Boots?


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Mar 24, 2012
I put this in the footwear section., I tested out the under armor browtines

allright, I just got back from a 3 day bear hunt and gave these boots one solid test. we've had heavy rains for last two week in the mountains and Wednesday was a solid drizzle all day long while I was hiking back in. so I was really able to test the waterproofing on these puppies, also, had to trek through some snow.
comfort.... 10, loved how snug they fit and how light they were.
noise.... 5 they made a popping noise with every step when mud was on bottom of boot, I think it was from to good of traction and air was being trapped??? idk but was kind of annoying. but could be avoided if didn't bend ankle.
water proof... I was a little disappointed, granted I was in severe wet conditions and I didn't have my gaiters on, (cuz kuiu hasn't shipped them yet) my socks got wet on the top of foot. I didn't notice it unti 2 miles of trekking through Idaho's new rain forest. in typical fall hunting conditions I don't see this as an issue though. not a lot of moisture got in but enough to make top of socks damp.
all in all I really like these boots, I generally don't go for the high boot cuz they never fit right on my ankle when hiking steep terrain but these did a solid job.


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Jun 18, 2016
It’s important that you match your boots to the terrain you’ll be hunting in, as this will provide you the right kind of support.

Boots with a stiff and stable platform will help you in steep and rocky terrains while flexible boots will give you a better range of movement when hunting in flat, more gentle areas.