Lightweight Bipods


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Mar 1, 2011
Take a look at the Rapid Pivots by Stoney Point... removable and lightweight.
I have the Rapid pivot sitting and prone model, and love them. The sitting model telescopes enough for comfortable sitting or kneeling shots, important in the tall grass I hunt whitetail & coyotes in. The prone model lets me use a bipod under the front and my pack as a rear bag for precision shooting where height isn't a problem. The pair of them is lighter than my old harris, though the sitting model isn't quite as stable as the harris.

Another thing I should mention, I had my gunsmith install a second sling swivel for carrying the rifle and use the original just for the bipod attachment. I didn't trust the sling stud that came with the bipod attachment to be strong enough. Works great this way.

That snipepod looks great also, and is lighter than my bipod. I'd be curious to hear from someone who tried one.
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Mar 8, 2011
Eagle Mountain, UT
I have been really tempted by both the snipepod and the rapid pivot. I have about destroyed a stoney point bipod that goes from sitting to standing heights. I have had it for several years and it has been good, but something lighter would be great. I wonder if the snipepod would be sturdy enough on the sitting or standing model to provide steady support. I handled a set breifly at the ISE show last year and was hoping to give it a serious look again yesterday at this years show, but they were not there this year...unless I missed them.