KUIU 2P tent review


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Just thought that I would post my impressions of the KUIU 2P tent that I used for the first time. I do have extensive experience as a wilderness canoe guide, and camp out for the major part of every summer and a fair amount into the fall. I have had a variety of tents through the years, and generally use a camping hammock for the summer trips in deference to my aging arthritic back. But, I wanted to upgrade to a very light weight and durable tent for backpack hunts. I used the 2P on a hunt in the Wyoming Range with a partner for the deer opener, and here's what I think of it.
The size and weight were a strong point. 3# 3 oz. w/ carbon poles. It packs up about half the size of my former tent and is 2# lighter to boot. It was a tough pack in, and it started to rain while I was setting up the tent. Because the rain fly is already attached, the set-up was dry inside. The rain turned to sleet, then snow. If it quit, then we were fogged in. We were stuck in the tent for three days before the weather broke. The interior was tight for two guys, but each had their own entry with a sizable vestibule. We could keep all of our gear and guns under cover, and even cooked in the vestibules with no problem. There was some condensation, but it was manageable, and the tent held up well to the snow and high winds when they occurred. KUIU advertises it as a 3+ season tent, and I would certainly endorse it as suitable for such use. If I was solo, I could do several months at a time in this tent.
I am not affiliated with KUIU in any way, and am not fully satisfied with all their products, but this tent is a winner in my book.