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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
Watched the game and enjoyed most of it....but with that being said, I have a comment about sports today. I am sick and tired with the "in your face" celebrations that are the norm in both pro & college sports today. I played college football at a major college program back in the day. When I played, freshmen had to play freshmen level sports, as I was a freshman in college in 1959. I was taught to let the level of my play speak for itself, without the wholly inappropriate celebration that is in sports today. Let my play speak for itself. To many plays in todays Super Bowl were followed by a "in your face" celebration. It just made me think...What a bunch of over paid, spoiled jerks !
Rant over......


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Mar 9, 2014
I only got to catch the second half but I’m not entirely convinced that the best team won yesterday. Both teams had their ebon flow but outside of one or 2 Big Pl. to put Casey over the top the Niners seem to have the game and check. Makes no difference to me either way


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Nov 3, 2011
Bitterroot Valley, MT.
I thought it was a good game. Well played by both teams... 49ers will take some heat for finishing the first half so soft, other than that, we’ll played by both teams.


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Apr 23, 2016
yup. bunch of spoiled babies . since the rise of kneeman, I no longer care who plays or who wins .NFL is dead to me.

to be truthful , I never did care much anyhow.
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Apr 7, 2011
West Side, MoMo
Well damn, you bunch of Buzz Killingtons.... I thought the better team definitely won yesterday, and they played about a B game to get it done. Hard to ask much more out of Garrapollo, I thought he played great, but San Fran just wasnt quite good enough to hold the Chiefs for 4 quarters.


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Nov 30, 2014
Very good game! Glad Reid got a SB.
The real screw up in the whole second half to me has to be how Kyle Shanahan has managed to get out scored 46-0 as the offensive play caller after the 3rd quarter in both the SB he's been in. Dude can't get out of his own way!