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Aug 20, 2020
Hey guys,
So a little about myself. I live in Washington state. NO...NOT SEATTLE. I am from the coast. Grew up hunting blacktails and Roosevelt’s, waterfowl and winter run steelhead. Have been very fortunate to have a job and family that lets me go on out of state hunts when a tag comes my way. So far I have been able to hunt elk in Arizona’s unit 10, (3 times, )Wyoming elk a couple of different times, Montana , Idaho, New Mexico and Texas. All hunts were DYI and researched myself. (Well except Texas.) I will say idaho is one of the hardest states to figure out. I think because there is so much public and such a diversity of terrain, that a guy just needs to pick a spot. I have points built up in Colorado for deer, and 1 under max for Wyoming deer and antelope. I have a 15 year old son who has been with me on a number of hunts and has a few deer under his belt, along with a cow elk and 2 bear. Love the sport of hunting and just being in the outdoors enjoying the freedom we have.