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Mar 9, 2014
I have (1) HHA 3 pin Optimizer DS FX3510. Used 2 seasons before I switched to a single pin model for long range and target archery.

I also have (1) HHA 1 pin Optimizer Ultra Lite. I used this site for one season before dealing on a new HHA King Pin Ultra.

Both have 0.10 pins housed in a 1 5/8 sight ring with 3 feet of green fiber optic. Both will accept lens and lights. Both are in "like new" condition as I am OCD about my equipment...OK I'm OCD about everything.

I have no reason to keep these sights as I have the King Pin currently on my bow. These are great sights and they are not cheap. However, I am willing to deal them to someone in need for a reasonable sum. Please make me a reasonable offer or pm me something that you are willing to trade.
I can upload pics if there is an interest.