Hello from Colorado


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Jul 9, 2018
Recent (3 years) transplant to Colorado saying hello here. Been scouting the state since I got here, loving the views in the high country. Guess I'm a mix of tech (OnX to avoid trespass) and "let's go that way awhile..." I'm also kind of a mix of loner and social - I love my time alone, but still trying to find a reliable hunt buddy in the same groove as me to make the 9-day Rifle 3 season a little more interesting.

I've been all over the state, but in the interest of sharing a data point, I just went for some early-season scouting in GMUs 8 and 7 this past weekend. Bit of a mix. My buddy and I saw plenty of animals on the way in but none while we were there - they hadn't quite moved up to where we were yet. Lots of sign from last season, including an elk carcass I'm sure was a mountain lion kill (the quarters weren't taken out the way a hunter would).

Can't wait to get to know y'all more...