Have you seen this video? *GRAPHIC*


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Jun 20, 2011
People seem to have no empathy and if the Lion attacks do not effect them personally they will continue to vote against hunting seasons for predators. And some folks value animals over children. Case in point, we had a guy pour bleach on a dog and that story was the local lead story for 3 days. Interviews with police, states attorneys, etc. Same time frame a guy got busted for raping his 8 year old daughter over 100 times, barely got a mentioned.
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Jul 9, 2018
OK couple things. First, not reported in that story (but in plenty of others), that mountain lion had rabies. We get a few reports about issues experienced by early-morning joggers each year, especially those with small dogs. But it ain't exactly an invasion. I don't really count rabid-anything in my mental list of "oh my God they're after us." A little light research turned up more fatal dog attacks in 2010 alone than in basically ALL THE YEARS DOCUMENTED TOGETHER for mountain lions. Not exactly a "wake up" moment...

Second, "Cougar attack in Denver" is just poor reporting. I'm kinda disappointed in Eastmans despite everything else good it does. This was nowhere NEAR Denver and to my knowledge there's never been a mountain lion reported anywhere near there. Denver is a huge city 30-40 mins from the Front Range, and the RV park near where this occurred is like an hour away.

If we're going to bitch about "poor reporting" I feel like we ought to start with good reporting ourselves... Just saying...