Granite Peak, MT climb.


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Nov 29, 2011
I've been really wanting to climb Granite Peak in MT.

Trying to this summer.

Thought some of you out there might have already, or have some thoughts etc...

I'm in IL,

While the granite peak climb with be mostly a 3 day hike, 25mile round trip. I also rock climb, so ideally would like to do some rock climbing while out there, also figured might be go to acclimate to the altitude before the summit attempt.

Not sure if any of you out there Rock Climb? gym/outdoors or otherwise?

Figured maybe climb some lesser summits as well, perhaps the Crazies top Peak... and/or some summits or rock climbing in WY.

maybe some suggestions/cool hikes in the area., I know yellowstone is right there as well, and grizzlies, not sure about bear spray vs. a pistol, but added weight, I'm thinking bear spray it might have to be, I think the trail is pretty active and grizzly encounters are low in that particular spot.

I think they say July to August are the ideal months to summit.