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May 20, 2017
Hey guys, planning a mule deer hunt for next season and had a few questions I haven?t been able to find the answers to. If y?all could help out I would greatly appreciate it. First, WSA?s... are you able to drive in them? I seem to remember reading that there is no driving in them but can?t find the literature that says that. Secondly, is all state owned land able to be hunted or do some have restrictions? There?s a ?blue? area on the Wyoming hunt planner I?m interested in hunting, but it?s awfully close to a town. Seems like part of it is also in city limits. Haven?t been able to find anything on that either. And lastly, is DOD land able to be hunted? I?m sure I overlooked the answers to these questions in my reading, so I apologize if they are obvious.

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Jun 8, 2011
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I can answer one of your questions.....Walk In Areas can be driven on, providing you use and stay on existing roads or 2 tracks.

WSA lands are generally closed to motorized traffic.
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Apr 11, 2011
Some Wyoming school trust lands can be hunted, some cannot. Irrigated fields cannot be hunted. Each one is different. No camping or campfires on State (blue) lands. Check with the nearest G&F office. Ask the warden if possible. The ladies there probably don't know.


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Jan 12, 2016
As a general rule, state lands are open to hunting. There's a good chance that parcel has a firearm restriction if it's near a town. You can find restrictions here:

No driving is allowed in WSA's to my knowledge. When in doubt, google "[WSA name] WSA" and the official BLM page for that WSA will be on the first results page.

DOD land cannot be hunted without permission. Most DOD land in WY is enrolled in the AccessYes program and permission is applied for/granted via WYG&F
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