First WY. deer hunt


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Jan 16, 2014
First deer hunt in WY. Started out just scouting trying to figure out where the deer even move to and form. First night just sat up on a good glassing point on public land watching a hay field next to corn. The deer all when out the other side of the corn was kinda funny watching all the deer run across the road right behind all the road hunters and there was alot of them. In the morning the plan was to sit on the side we seen the deer leave form but the wind was in the wrong direction and thought why risk it this early in the hunt still had a few days left.

So sat on the same side as the night befor. Got out and set up early then out of nowhere me and my brother heard 2 bucks fighting and could just make out the movement. Still had 20min tell shooting time and they start heading right for us. Thought for sure we were going to get busted by the time we could put the cross hairs on him. Then they turned on a trail that we ranged later at 53 yards and when behind a hill so sat there tell we could shoot and as we snuck across the hill just hoping they didn't make it to far. Seen both them standing there could tell he was quite a bit bigger then the other. my brother called out the range 180yards and I let the 257wby bark. Not the biggest buck in the world but for a first time out west deer hunting and a public land deer told my self on the way out there not going to pass on a buck I would take on the last day.

The doe was on walk in land we seen some out there the night befor got set out the next morning other hunters showed up at the other end and kicked her up right to us was maybe 50yards where she stopped. One of the biggest does I ever got. Might have been more luck then skill on the way we got her. but a downed deer is a tagged deer.

My brother also tagged a doe got set up on the side we seen all the deer cross between road hunters and form the little bit of scouting we did we new between 4 and 4:30 we should see something moving just like a alarm when off at 4 a doe stepped out and he tipped her over @207yards
Seemed liked just as fast as out hunt started it was all over. Cant wait to start planning our next hunt out west
Hope all of you are filling tags or the more important thing having fun and making memories to last a life time good luck everyone!!!