Exo 5500 or stone glacier


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Mar 1, 2011
Yep, the slurpy stalker would do it. I like bottles better later in the season when I do my elk hunting so I don't have to worry about hoses freezing. Earlier season it would be great. It's a neat idea being able to keep your water with you when you drop the pack too.


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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
Stone Glacier for me. I?ve been using one for about 3 years. It fits me very well and ride very comfortable with a heavy load.


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Feb 3, 2014
Packs are kind of like boots, buy what fits you well. With the exception of the Exo packs, I have worn them all and most have some very strong features that make them fit a particular body type well or a certain style of hunting well.

For instance, the F1 Mainframe from Eberlestock fits Dan Pickar very well, but Brian Barney and I preferred the Big Top or the V90 Battleship. One brand with several backpacks that fit a VARIETY of bodies.

Mystery Ranch fits me well and the Metcalf is a pack that has done a lot of heavy lifting for me. Others in the office liked bat-wing style belts more than the Mystery Ranch style. However, you won't break a Mystery Ranch Pack, I have tried and was unsuccessful.

Stone Glacier is another pack that has some specific features that many want, number one being a very light starting weight. Several of us here have tested these, never broke them and they fit a variety of body types well too.

Bottom line, it's worth testing a few out, keeping receipts, sending back the ones that you liked less. Chances are that you will like a bunch of them but will probably find the one that fits you really well and that will be what ends up staying.


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Apr 23, 2016
went and tried on the XO 3500 PACK TODAY.
absolutely loved it. did not buy it just yet but I am going to!!!!!!!!!!!

I also tried on the eberlestock just one and the team elk.

not to knock either , I personally didn't much care for them. while they do have lots of pockets(inside and out) and load lifters and lots of options for varying types of hunts, they just did not fit my body type well. they seem to be made for a shorter torso then my(21 inch).

they also seemed much heavier then the X0 when empty. also I preferred the frame setup of the XO for hauling meat.

I believe the eberlestock to be a good solid pack and to be completely fair to them also about half the price at $329 compared to about $600 for the XO 3500 (plus roughly another $100 for a couple extras the eberls already had(gun holder /crib sheath for meat packing without 3500 bag on frame).
so I will end up spending about $700ish when said and done for the XO.

all that said , I believe, the difference in the comfort of the two , justifies the added cost. JMHO!
XO gear will be at the salt lake expo this weekend , anyone looking for a new pack , I would urge you to check them out.