Elk Tenderloin Roulade


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Oct 12, 2014
Woodland Park, Colorado
1) whole elk tenderloin cut into a large flat steak ( one piece)
2) season both sides with sea salt and coarse black pepper
3) position the meat so you roll it with the grain
4) begin the layering process with.....
5) one layer or prociutto
6) one layer of carmalized sweet onions
7) one layer of mushrooms( cooked down to remove all water and sliced so there is uniformity in size)
8) one layer of uncooked spinach
9) one layer of provolone cheese

Roll as tightly as possible and tie up with butcher twine
I put two wraps on it lengthwise also.
Braise in a smoking hot skillet with olive oil. 2 minutes each side or less but just enough to seal and lightly brown.

Into the oven at 375 and cook until internal temp is 10 degrees less than rare ( 130F)
Pull it out and wrap in foil and let it set for 10 minutes.

Cut the long ways twine and cut into medallions.

There is also a gorgonzola cheese sauce in one of the most recent RMEF Bugle mag that would be good to drizzle on top of the served pieces.

What I list above is a combo of a couple differnt roulade recipes I researched.



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Nov 30, 2014
I made one of these a couple weeks ago, but used raw shrimp instead of mushrooms. it's good stuff. Pretty hard to want to go out to eat when you can make as good or better at home!