Elk Deer Combo Conundrum


Jun 28, 2013
When you Montanans get back from hunting, maybe you can help me out with this conundrum. Some advice will be helpful.

I want to go elk hunting every year I can. I like to go deer hunting also. I have a new associate here at the office who is from a ranch in Custer County, MT, about 5 hours away from here. Unit 704 I think it is, it is antler less elk on a general tag, and antlered only with limited permit for bow or rifle. Any deer it looks like to me.

Sounds like getting an elk at her place is possible but not probable, which now that I think about it, defines elk hunting anywhere anytime. There are some elk around, some times at her place. This would be easier if MT had seasons which weren't running at the same time. Much easier. Somehow I'd have to do both rifle hunts in five weeks, while the best seasons are also running here at home. Ugh.

I'd like to buy an elk-deer combo, go elk hunting someplace in MT with a rifle and then go deer hunting at her place next fall. Should I/Would you

1. Get a bow and try to get a permit and go to Custer County twice? I'm not an archer currently.
2. Hunt bulls elsewhere in MT and then stop to get a deer in Custer Co?
3. Hunt a cow and shoot a deer on the same trip to Custer Co and be happy with that?
4. Get a deer license only and elk hunt elsewhere like Colorado?

Driving time is no big deal from here. Getting time out of the office is much harder. Right now, I'm leaning toward 3. Thoughts are welcome. Very.


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Dec 11, 2012
Zachary, LA
As long as time permits I would go with #2. Get the combo and go elk hunting somewhere else to try and get a bull down. If not, you can still shoot a cow if you run into one on her place while deer hunting.


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Mar 16, 2014
N Idaho
The elk are pretty sparse in region 7 from what I have seen. I'd say #2 or #4. When you get the deer/elk tag, the elk is only $400 more and it is a looooonnggg season between archery and general. A decent value in my mind compared to other states, but the quality is more along the lines of an "opportunity" state. I think you will find the deer hunting in 704 favorable. Picking up archery and trying your hand at elk in a low density area could be frustrating.


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Dec 9, 2014
Missoula, MT
Definitely #2, you might be forced to choose on what species/area youd like to focus on and also what your priorities for that year. #3 isnt a bad answer either but you might not be successful hunting elk in another part of the state either.

I️ wouldnt let the fact that both deer season and elk season overlap in Montana stop you from coming out here, in the majority of the districts that can work to your advantage. If your willing to work hard at harvesting an elk and put some miles on your boots, you should get it done.

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