Elite Pulse Bow - Excellent Condition


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Selling my 2011 Elite Pulse bow with 29" draw length 50-60# in snow camo riser and black limbs.

Practically new, because I had the limbs, string, cables, whisker biscuit and quiver replaced last year, then unexpectedly received a new carbon bow this year. ISO rated at 329-332 fps. Smotth draw with rock-solid back wall and 85% let-off. Extremely accurate.

$550 OBO TYD bare or $700 with whisker biscuit, single-pin sight and quiver.

Elite Logo.JPGElite Pulse 1.JPGElite Pulse 2.JPGElite Pulse Logo.JPG
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I'm looking at the history of the 7 bows that have been listed for sale in the Garage Sale since December 2015.

3,396 views total, or 485 views per bow
17 replies total or 2.4 replies per bow and actually 10 replies were on one bow. That bow aside, the reply rate = 1 per 485 views
2 sales out of 7 bows, one of which was very cheap

Doesn't sound like there is much interest at all in buying bows here, although surely since December dozens of forum members have bought new bows for double or triple the prices here.

Why do you think people are so reluctant to buy a used bow? Afraid there may have been an undisclosed dry fire? Don't trust a used bow for some other reason? Don't think it will be accepted back if its not as advertised? I'm just guessing.

Sincerely trying to figure it out.

BTW, I will accept a return on my bow if the buyer is not happy with it during the first week or so. I pay shipping there but not back.


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Mar 31, 2011
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Lots of guys buy and sell used bows over on Archery Talk. If you wanna sell it you might try it over there. I have bought and sold probably 6 bows on that site. Bows aren't the only thing that doesn't sell very well on this forum. For some reason this place has the slowest classifieds section of any of the forums I visit. If I wanna sell a bow, I go to Archery Talk. If I wanna sell some other hunting gear, although I usually post it here too, it usually sells on Rokslide... usually pretty quickly too. Maybe we're all tight wads on here? :p
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I was on Archery Talk from long ago and my email changed, so when I could not remember my password there was no way to reset it because the reset email would go to the defunct email address. There is no phone number to call or chat to get it straightened out. Two help requests over a week's time explaining the problem have generated no correspondence from them.

The only solution appears to be registering again with a new name but they have a requirement that you must be a member for 2 weeks and have 20 posts in order to list on the classifieds and I don't have time for more than one forum.