Eastmans' "Big Man Challenge!"


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Mar 16, 2014
N Idaho
I had fallen off the wagon after being hot on this idea as well. I hit an all time high (low point physically really) and weighed 264 lbs in late July/early August this year. I looked at myself and said there's no way that flabby body is ever going to get it done on a mountain. Through college I was always 170 lb range as a NCAA swimmer and it had just gone too far.

I said enough was enough and told my wife and kids time for more activity and self control. My wife is stay at home and both kids are in school, she has always been super thin and works out 5x/wk now in great shape.

I've lost 25 lbs since 8/1/15, with a goal of 75 lbs total by 12/31/15. Calorie restriction and wearing a FitBit. I never realized how little I move everyday. Now with archery season and pre-season cameras and scouting, weekends were my best friend. Three or four times a day at work I ride the elevator down to the basement and take the stairs back up 10 floors to 9. It sucked real bad in the beginning but I think about climbing after a buck or bull and the lungs/legs burn a little less. I try to get 50 flights in a day for stairs, and >10,000 steps per day. If I don't have close to 10k by the end of work, I go check cameras or take the family for a walk. I eat a light lunch and very light dinner or a breakfast essential for dinner.

I didn't do squat last year after posting on here and was too embarrassed to say anything until I had actually made some headway. Self control and sticking to the plan is tough, but if we can hunt, we can do it.
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