Early Secret Santa Gift


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Apr 10, 2011
Here’s some pictures. It comes with three chokes (full, modified, and improved modified). Also what’s chokes would you guys recommend. I’ll mainly be hunting quail and pheasants. Boy it’s light at 6lbs. It’ll make carry in the field a dream.

JimP my wife bought it for me since my birthday was the 22nd of this month and I knew she bought it because it appeared on our credit card email. :)



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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
I have a Ruger Red Label 20 with improved and modified chokes on the barrels.

It is a pheasant killing machine, once I learned how it shot. My previous shotguns all had full chokes on them.

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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
I also have a Red Label in 20 ga. I would use the full & modified for Pheasants (Mod first & full second) and the Mod & Imp Mod for Quail (Imp Mod first & mod second). I am assuming it is also chambered for 3". When I use mine for Peasants I use 3" 6 shot and it really does a great job.


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Oct 13, 2022
I don't know what I want to know more about: where to get such a gun or such a wife?? My wife hates my hobby, although we have no conflicts in everything else. She doesn't like guns and calls me a murderer every time I bring home a new gun. It's annoying, but none of us can fix it. I've shown her the gun several times as a birthday gift option. But after that, she gives me a basket of different kinds of chocolate, even though I don't eat them. So you are lucky, congratulations!
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