DIY spot n stalk gobbler


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Apr 27, 2011
Southern California
This is my first Turkey with a bow... Spot n Stalked him and shot him at 36 yards! I'm super stoked:p Even more so that I didn't sit in a blind to get him! Good luck to those of you in the field!

Muleys 24/7

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Jan 12, 2012
The Golden State
Congrats on the nice gobbler Graylight. Have you weighed it yet?

Here's one I spot-n-stocked a few years back in a fall turkey hunt. It's a younger jake.....taken out of So Cal.
My first bird with my bow.
Good job Graylight and to you as well Muleys. Seems the only time I run into any turkeys here in Cali is when I am sneaking through the woods hunting deer and I flush them from their roost. Scares the ^&#*@ out of me.

Hey Ruttin, I passed one more year on the Utah Turkey season (got 8 points, didn't even bother buying a point this year). I see a ton of birds when I am there hunting elk, looking forward to hunting them some year.

Good luck on your hunt, are you hunting the early limited hunt or the general season?


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Mar 11, 2011
Great job on the bird!

spot and stalk gobblers are not always the easiest to accomplish