Colorado Snow Chain laws


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Nov 30, 2014
Not looking to start anything, but if we keeping it real I used my chains 4 times last year. 3 times hunting 1 time at work. Twice for snow, twice for mud. About 4 times a year is probably the average for me.
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Aug 8, 2012
South Texas
to the OP, you’re very unlikely to need them on the highway if you have 4wd and good tires. But I would certainly have chains for all 4 tires in the truck for 3rd season. It can easily dump a foot or more during 3rd season, when the snow starts to accumulate off the pavement chains make all the difference, especially in a pickup in my experience. Hunting is more fun if you don’t spend half your time trying to get unstuck. By them early, make sure they fit your tires and practice putting them on, maybe make it realistic by putting them on in the mud while your wife dumps ice water on you...


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Jan 29, 2012
Any brands or places to get them?

Want to buy some for 265/75 R16.

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The last set I bought, I got at Discount Tire. They had to order them in for me but got them in a couple days. Do yourself a huge favor and put 'em on in the driveway once to make sure they fit right; you don't want to be dealing with adding or removing links in the mud/snow.