Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak


Feb 21, 2011
Oregon City, OR
Was wondering if there were any one on here that have used one of these. And what they thought? Or would they just recommend bite the bullet and just get a canvas tent?

Another one I'm kinda wondering about is the Cabelas blend wall tent?


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Mar 10, 2011
I just boght the ISQ 6 pod tent this year, but the snow hasnt melted to let me set her up. I went with it over the ultimate alaknak because the main body was not so big. I could take the sleeping pods when camp needed more space, or leave them home when we just needed only the tent. Plus the pods offer a bit of privacy for those who may not like being all jammed up in one space, and as a, kids can still be sent to their rooms! :)
From reading the reviews on these tents, you also dont want to be using a propane heater in them, or they will condensate bad. Wood stoves are the way to go in them.
I have it, but so far nothing to review, but when I get a chance, I will definatly put together a very through review and with pictures.

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Feb 22, 2011
Mesa, AZ
I have the original Alaknak 12' x 12'. I bought it in 2005. If the tent material is still the same, it is good stuff. Very sturdy in wind, never a leak, breathable (maybe not as well as canvas), much lighter weight than canvas. I've used the wood stove and propane heaters with no condensation issues. But Arizona humidity is probably much lower than NW areas. I can actually put it up and down myself. You don't have the old canvas mildew smell either.


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Feb 21, 2011
gods country
myself and two other buddies bought one last year for our elk camp. the tent was set up at 11,000 ft and preformed very well in the wind, but it did collect the condensation during the night fairly badly. we had frost every morning on the inside of the roof and got dripped on all day the first morning. we learned that if you leave the windows open it helps quite a bit, but u lose all ur heat. we never did put a stove in it, but a double mantel lantern did heat up the tent nicely when the temps where in the low 40's to mid 30's at night. we also have a canvas tent, which works a lot better for keeping heat in and no condensation, but they are so heavy that we had to get the alaknak for our horse pack trip last year.

i would go with a canvas wall tent if weight was not an issue, but this tent preformed very well for what we needed it for. we will be using it every year we go in on horses, but when we stay lower we will be using the wall tent.

by the way we bought the 12x12 and put the vestibule on it, this is a no-brainer. what ever size you the vestibule it gives a lot of room for gear and boots for those days that it is raining or snowing. you will never regret buying it.
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Feb 24, 2011
Jim Bridger County, Utah
I've got the bighorn III with the addition and love it! The water doesn't soak through like it does on traditional canvas tents. With anything propane running in the tent you'll have condensation just for the pure fact propane emits H20 when it burns. we use a cheaper cabelas wood burning stove and have no condensation problems since then and it keeps the tent cozy warm for 4-5 hours before it needs re-stoked. I would definitely get one!!
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