Cabelas Instinct line of gear


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Mar 10, 2011
It is a renewed and revamped line of gear they had about six years ago. The old line was a direct replica of Sitka and at half the price. I still own and use that gear today. Sitka made them stop carrying the line.

I took a close look at the fabrics, seams, designs of the new line. It is different, but right there in the same quality as upper end brands. Well worth it if you ask me. Soft good manufactures will spand a ton of money marketing a product until they can get a following that will pay a premium price. Once started its a machine of retarded price hikes and an almost cult following that drives it.

Being from a past inside knowledge of how soft goods are made, designed, sorced, it makes me sick that a product that literally costs a company $5.00 to $30.00 to have made will sell for $600.00.

Shop smart, informed,mand not brainwashed from advertisement and celebrity endorsements. Stay dry and hunt happy.