Bull Breeding Call - Identification


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Jul 8, 2015
This year when my bull was charging in looking for his last cow he was making a noise I had never heard before while hunting elk. I thought I had heard them all, but this was a new one to me for sure.

When he was coming in he was making a noise similar to a cow. I assume it was some kind of breeding call. It wasn't very loud but he was super close. From 100 yards away you would not be able to hear this noise he was making.

In text, and at the risk of looking like an idiot, I will try to replicate it and btw it about as fast as you can possibly call.


Bull Breeding call?


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Mar 20, 2013
The bull following the one I shot this year was making a mewing like a cow. I thought it was a cow till it came down the same trail I just shot my bull on.