Brunton ICON optics???


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Mar 9, 2011
Idaho Falls, ID
I have a new pair of brunton Eterna 11x42 and for mid-level Binos they are awesome. I have a friend who has two pairs of their epoch Binos and they are outstanding, so good in fact I didnt they could make a better bino. So with that Im sure they will stand up and go toe to toe with the Swaro, Plus Brunton is an american company based in Riverton, WY. Their customer service department is easy to talk with. I had an Origo watch that had a problem with made a call, they had me end the watch in and about a week and half later i had a brand new watch deliverd to my door. But everybodys eyes are different and probably the best thing you can do is to compare them side by side and form your own conclusion.