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Feb 23, 2011
Its been a long season in A zone on the family cattle ranch in Nor Cal. Opening morning I saw a group of three good bucks but they gave me the slip. The whole season was super hot with many days over 100. I passed up a couple of small bucks then the fire hit. I posted on here about the ranch burning but turns out that was poor info and it was put out about one mile from our border. Thank goodness

After the good news I was able to get back in and missed a big buck this last Monday after jumping him out of his bed. I was sick especially since this is the last week of the season. I went back up on Wednesday and was able to score on this buck. I walked up on him at about thirty yards but of course his head was behind a tree. So I cleared the other deer that was a spike then went back to this one and he was gone. I jogged up to the edge of the nob and found he was already on full tilt sprinting up the other hill but running straight up. I knew I could make the shot sine he was not running at an angle. I fired and he rolled down the hill about ten yards. Then he slowly got up and once on his feet went full tilt again sidehilling, I fired again and caught him in the neck. It was done.

While quartering the buck on the spot for the pack out, I found the first shot passed between the spine and the shoulder coming out the arm put. It did not break any bones or hit any vitals. I believe if I did not connect on the second shot I would have never found him. Both shots just over 150 yrds.

Thanks for reading.

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Jun 9, 2020
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