best pack??


Feb 24, 2011
eastern co
im headed to WY this fall on a backpack hunt and looking for a new pack..plan on being away from the truck 6 or 7 days....whats everyone think i should buy for this hunt??


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Mar 10, 2011
This thread is going to just be a repeat of information already on this part of the forums. Take a moment and read the reviews and posts in the multiple threads already started about packs, then go to a shop and see first hand the packs being talked about already.


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Mar 6, 2011
Central Coast
Eberlestock J34 gets my vote. How much money are you looking at spending? Kifaru Ultrlight packs or KUIU are good choices, but more expensive.


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Mar 3, 2011
Packs are a personal choice and everyone has their favorites. For the type of hunting you described you will need a pack that does three functions:

1. Haul camp
2. Haul hunting Supplies
3. Haul meat

Fortunately there are a lot of packs that are designed for this role, but some are better in one task than others might be but weak in another task.

If you are going to hike in 5 miles and set up a base camp you could get a way with a external frame hauler and a separate day pack but if you are looking to camp where ever the hunt leads you day by day, you might look at the more expensive line of Mystery Ranch packs.


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I have heard a lot of good things about the Mystery Ranch but they are expensive when compared to to packs like the Eberlestock J34. I have an X2 (great pack) and have done quite a bit of looking around for a 5+ day pack and have pretty much decided on the J34. I have even had the chance to mess with one and can't find anything I don't like about it. That may change after I do a few miles with it loaded down but I doubt it.

J boe

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Mar 10, 2011
I have the older J104 and love it. They did make some good changes with the J34 and i could not imagine anyone not liking it. My friend has it and has never complained. I've looked at getting a X2 for a day pack but the Just One is light enough and comfortable enough that i haven't.


Mar 7, 2011
For 6-7 days I would say the Badlands 4500. And I just happen to have one for sale. It is in as like new condition as a pack can get. I've taken it on a 4 day elk hunt. That is it. I am asking $325 if you are interested. I can email pics. Its a sweet pack. Will haul everything you could possibly need for a 7 day hunt and it will do it with comfort.


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Feb 21, 2011
Springfield OR
Take a look at the hornhunter full curl system come with the frame a bag attachment and a daypack attachment use the whole system to pack in your gear drop the bag in spike camp and hunt with the frame and daypack. Very well built and thought out you can carry out as much meat as you can handle on the frame. Hornhunter makes a great pack every bit as good or better then eberlestock and badlands.