battling covid19 and why I love my job

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Oct 6, 2015
I really like my job working for one of the worlds largest suppliers of healthcare products. (diagnostic imaging). Because of the virus, I was tasked with designing and prototyping a device dubbed the "Covid19 remote control panel" It allows clinicians to do CT scans (CT scans outperform clinical tests for the detection of Covid19) in safety and a safe distance from the infected (in another room)

The problem with a CT scan as they have been done to dat is it puts the clinician at risk constantly cycling people (who are likely infected and are getting scanned for a confirmation). The control panels to conduct the scan is on the face of the CT scanner.

Clinicians can't be protected enough from this constant exposure from sick people in a tiny scan room and they too end up infected and if the healthcare community is infected there is a real breakdown of the healthcare system.

I started the design after a meetings today at 11:30 am. Now, 11 hours later, I have a design I will 3D print and prototype and share with the team so we can go into production.
Whats interesting is that due to the US system of healthcare device regulation, this will first be implemented overseas as they don't have the rigor and can simply implement it. Meanwhile here in the US, hospitals are lining up for this but we have a lot of hoops to jump through before a very simple solution can get approval.

The regulatory label that I had to find real estate for on the design will be printed in 32 diff. languages. We will ship all 32 labels and the end user will throw 31 of them away using only the language they understand.

Feeling fortunate to able to do this and personal gratification. The 13.5 hour day did not allow for the sewing of any face masks ive been making but there are only so many hours in a day.

You will understand that I can't provide images of this design but 3D printing is key to this as some locations will be able to print the device itself or machine the pieces.

During this busy last 3 days, My son and his wife had twins (congrats to them) and our dog of 12 years died. I took a few minutes to bury him and thanks to tele-medicine, I was able to have my doctor diagnose my sinus and ear infection and write me a script of antibiotics all over the phone.