Application Questions


Jan 26, 2016
Eastern Oregon
I am thinking of expanding my out of state hunting opportunities and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on Montana's process for non-resident applicants, especially with the new bonus point purchasing rule.

From what I understand, starting this year, I can buy a bonus point for Elk, Deer, and Antelope for $25 each without buying anything else, no license to later be partially refunded, now conservation stamps, no anything. Is this a good deal now? I know before a lot of guys were saying don't waste your $$ if you are going to hunt general because they are basically a 100% draw. I wouldn't even be thinking about heading up there for a couple years, maybe 3 to 4.

So for deer and elk, I would basically buy points for say 3 years, and then when I wanted to apply for a LE hunt, I first purchase a general license, then from there I can apply for LE hunts. If I don't draw the LE hunt I then have my choice of an 80% refund or doing the general hunt.

And then on Antelope, you just apply for the LE hunt you want, as I do not see any OTC buck rifle antelope tags.

Am I reading all of this correct? I have read some of the other posts, but with the new rule change on buying points I wanted to make sure I had it correct.

Thanks for any help!


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Mar 9, 2014
Seems that the Montana draws have been very good to most folks until this year. I believe having at least 1 point would have helped many folks who did not draw and 'assumed' there would be plenty of tags to go around. Unfortunately, this was the year every one decided to go to Montana and many are sitting on the sidelines. Having that 1 pt could have been the difference. I usually buy 1 pt just to get me out of the cellar on the general tags and increase my odds. This way at least I know I'm more than likely going hunting. It's a little assurance (not insurance :) ), but not a guarantee.


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Nov 29, 2011
I found it, haven't bought points yet though, hope it's not past?

trying to figure out how bad I need a deer point in MT? I plan to elk hunt there in the future, would be nice to eventually deer hunt, but I feel my deer hunt will be the easy draw route probably vs. waiting building points for their best units? or do I want to eventually wait and hunt the best deer units? as opposed to other states for mulies?

I may just get both and decide later.


Jun 28, 2013
Good questions and I'm interested in the answer. Looks like points are $50 for NR Elk? The permit is $9 but the points for it are $50?
I have applied and hunted in several states, all have some degree of byzantine insanity going on but MT is challenging for the crown.


Nov 24, 2014
Are there any updates on this? I've been trying to figure this conundrum that is Montana Bonus/Preference points for awhile. I think tomorrow is the last day to purchase them.


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Feb 18, 2013
Sweet Home Alabama
Alright guys Montana's system is confusing and I don't have it figured out but I know a little. Preference points are for the general combination license which can be an elk combo, deer combo, or big game (elk and deer) combo (the combination it's referring to is that you get a conservation, state lands, base hunting license, fishing and upland birds with it). This is what everyone calls the general license, it is OTC for residents but must be drawn as a NR. You can hunt the general units with this license. This license is drawn as a true Preference point system, those with the most points get the license. The cost is $50 for the Pref point. You can use the point for any combo license.

The cost of bonus points during this period are $25 and they are for elk/deer permits. A deer/elk permit will allow you to hunt a limited entry unit.