Alpine Scouting and Hiking 2020


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Jan 25, 2014
Creston BC Canada
With family and friends I've hiked into some of my favourite alpine areas this past summer plus a few which were completely new to me. Since I was seldom solo any real amount of time behind the glass was limited to say the least. Trails and sign were duly noted along with routes in, possible campsites, access to water, how the ridges and bowls interconnect. In short lots was learned even if few animals were actually spotted. Once again this year with the ample snowpack and timely June/July rains everything is still really lush in the high country. I have high hopes for this season.

With my wife spending the next year in Germany with our youngest daughter I have no real family obligations or commitments this autumn. Meaning that I won't feel guilty spending each weekend(I finish work at noon on Fridays) backpacking into the high country until either I fill my tag or the season ends in early November. I would like to find a nice mature mule deer and an elk would tempt me if it's cool enough or I'm hunting one the road closures where I can take my cart. Mule deer is definitely the priority though.

We hiked into a couple of alpine lakes as well so my 4-piece fly rod got some use this summer. Some really nice campsites on those lakes and with the chance to combine mule deer hunting and fly fishing it's pretty hard to beat. Anyhow I am really excited to get out there, September 10th can't come soon enough. Along with my daughter and her boyfriend we're packing into the area in the last three images for blue grouse hunting, cutthroat trout fishing, and hiking. Of course I'll be keeping my eyes open for mule deer as well. Probably get up early both mornings to spend some time wandering through the surrounding meadows seeing what there is to see.

Anyhow stay safe out there everyone and make your hunt come true.DSCF2216.jpg