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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
Well gun manufacturers like to stimulate the gun buyers world with new products every few years. It is called marketing. I am well up in years and remember lots of new stuff that was marketed as the next greatest caliber, scope or gun. Remember the .17 Remington centerfire, .264 Mag , .222 Remington and .222 Mag. There are lots of them you can't buy ammunition anywhere.

Remember the manufacturers want to stimulate the buying public into buying something new........marketing!

Just sayin...................
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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
Back when I was getting a few gun magazines a month it was always interesting in what the new cartridge was that would soon be on the shelves. I always thought that the gun writers had one of the funnest jobs out there. What other job is there were a manufacture will send you a brand new rifle and a case of ammo and ask you to go out and shoot it?

Like CC I have seen a lot of cartridges come and go. Some duplicated ones that were already out there. Others would surpass anything available while others were a complete flop. It was interesting when Winchester brought out all of their short magnums. I could see no use for most of them since they just duplicated existing belted cartridges. Their reasoning was that since there was no belt and the cartridge was shorter that it would work in a short action rifle. Well at one time that may of been a benefit, the difference between a short and a long action was quite a bit. But if you now go to a rifles catalog and compare the short and long action weights you will find that it isn't enough to argue. The length of the action was also claimed that a short action would cycle faster. Really?

But now comes the custom rifle that you can do anything that you want to. That is why in my post way back when suggested a nice wildcat that you can not pick up off of a shelf. You can make it all that you want that rifle to be. You want a long barrel, go for it. Carbine length barrel, do it. Long or short action, just decided what you like.

Right now I shoot 2 total wildcat rounds. A 30 and 357 Herrett. Both take a 30-30 case and shorten it and blows the shoulder out. Naturally the 30 Herrett keeps the same neck size where the 357 Herrett expands the 30 caliber neck out to 357. They are both a lot of fun to shoot, not so much when forming cases.