3 Generation lope hunt


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Sep 13, 2011
Got out this weekend to fill #1 of 4 Nevada tags. I had an idea to bring both of my kids and all of the nephews along.. The younger boys haven't experienced a hunt yet and there always asking when they can tag along (both are 4 years old) . My Dad joined us and I had a hand rustling up the crazy. Not a labor intensive hunt per say but a great intro to hunting for the little ones. Once I was ready to get setup I put earplugs in all the kids ears, let them take a turn with the rangefinder ranging the antelope on the field. Made sure they were watching the correct target, took my time and made a good shot. They were all hands on deck once we started the lesson on field dressing. Oldest nephew has a youth deer tag in the same unit and he is allowed to hunt the rifle season as well at a later date. We hiked a bit with all the kids and jumped a pretty 170 class 4x4 at about 80 yds. He was so fired up about seeing a mature buck that he forgot to get setup on his shooting sticks and the buck didn't stick around long enough to allow him to figure out his mistake. We spent the rest of the weekend looking for deer and calling elk. We had a hand full of bulls come charging in to the calls and each time the little kids would light up with excitement! Pretty sure the seed is planted for this next generation! Fun weekend!



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Jul 8, 2015
Very cool! Reminds me of when my dad and I shot woodchucks while we were perched up on the bales where I grew up in PA.
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