2020 Nevada Elk


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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
I filled my Nv tag

I really had my heart set on a big 5 so that what I was looking for. I got pretty dang close I would say. Lol
The bull in the last pic is a 6x7 I hunted for 3 days. The 3rd day I was set up in range for a shot in the same meadow he had fed into the last 2 mornings and evening but of course he didn’t show when I was ready.
We moved South and found 14 bulls that day including the one I took plus another 6x7 that was with mine. The 6x7 had short beams and tines but huge mass and I love extras. We were in shooting range of the 6x7 waiting for him to get out of his bed but the wind started to howl Nd the snow moved in so we had to call it. We returned the next morning relocation the bulls. We kept looking over the two bulls and I just loved this bulls beam length and that he was close to a 5x5 so I changed my mind to target this bull.
I took one shot at 500 yards that did the trick. Two more follow up shots laid him down for good.
With only two of us this would prove to be a lot of work. I should say 1.5 of us. My hunting partner and I was roofing his new shop and het fell off the roof at 15ft! That was just over a week ago and this hard as nails SOB was there with me to hunt and pack the bull out. It took two days for us to pack him out and about a 4 hr round trip but we got it done.
Im happy to be home just in time for Thanksgiving.
Im Thankful for great friends and my family for supporting me.
Im Thankful for all my extended Eastmans family for all the things they have taught me over the years and for the things they have done for me.
Im Thankful for all of you here on the Forum. I really enjoy what I do here and love reading and seeing all what goes on here. You all kick butt here and keep this Forum the most respectful and informative Forum out there.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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Jun 4, 2011
north idaho
dang, i would rather shoot a 270 bull every year than wait that long for a bull tag.
I knew there was a reason i like Idaho.
thanks for the info.
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