2020 Mule Deer Success Thread


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Oct 4, 2011
Looks like that velvet stayed perfect
Thanks man the taxi did a good job. Always a challenge getting it out as well as ya can. I was lucky that I got out literally as the snow started to fall or it pry would not be as perfect as it is.

I have been carrying some of that spray on velvet stuff as many times I am more than a day from the car but when I can I get them to the taxi as quick as possible.
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Jan 21, 2014
Finally getting an opportunity to post my CO and MT Muley pics. CO was a little tough this time. Things have changed a bit in 10 years, but still a fun hunt for an easy draw! MT seemed like rut activity was slow also, but still a great hunt with good friends!
We did a marathon from OR to CO then straight to MT, before heading back home :).ATT00001 (4).jpgATT00001 (5).jpgATT00001 (2).jpg