2017 Elk Hunting Partner


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I'm looking to hunt 1st or 4th season elk in Colorado this fall, but at this point I'm solo, which is far from ideal with elk. I don't have any CO elk points but both areas I'm looking at have been better than 65% odds with 0 points and have fewer hunters than the OTC seasons.

I'm a dedicated Christian, nondrinker to light drinker and I don't like to be around people who drink before hunting is over for the day. I don't hike with a loaded gun, don't shoot over 400 yards or take chancy shots, don't road hunt and don't use ATVs for hunting other than to pick up game, or at least cut the distance. Other than those things, I am pretty easy to get along with.

I'll be 63 this fall but in pretty good shape and will be in better shape by fall, especially if we get drawn for the higher and steeper of the two areas. I'll most likely drive out from NC, about 15 hours X two days. I'm a novice elk hunter but I've taken a fair number of deer over the years, the vast majority with a bow. I'm too old to carry an elk out several miles so I plan on hunting 1-3 miles from the road rather than backpacking in.

I'm on a pretty tight budget this year, so not interested in paying a trespass fee or drop camp, though I expect to split food, gas and other essentials.

PM me if you are interested. If this doesn't work out in the next week or so, I'll hunt CO deer instead. That I can pack out.

I would consider another state if the guy has some local knowledge. Looking for a bull but would shoot a cow the last couple days for the meat.
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Mar 9, 2014
Good luck as finding a partner is always the dilemma coming from the east coast.
Contact me if you want to talk further Dave.


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Jul 16, 2017
Oxford NC

I would be happy to be your hunting partner and you sound exactly like the kind of partner I would want as we seem to think a lot alike. I live in NC as well (Oxford). Of course if you have a partner now or gave up looking but want to hunt Elk again next year let me know.