2016 archery Elk help

dan maule

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Jan 3, 2015
Upper Michigan
My son has 5 elk preference points and I want to take him next fall as 2017 he will be off to college and I am not sure when we will get another opportunity. I am planning on area 48 because I am somewhat familiar with the unit but was wondering if anyone has any info they would be willing to share on units 39 & 40 or others. Over the years I have only ever hunted on the west slope of the bighorns from Hyattsville all the way down to Lost Cabin. Just curious what I am missing in some of the other Big Horn units that are possible to draw with 5 points. I plan to take him during archery season.


Feb 17, 2014
I haven't hunted 39 or 40 but 39 type 9 required 7 Pts in the regular fee and 6 Pts in the special draw last year, 40 type took 6 and 5 for 100%
If you can get an LE type 1 rifle tag in some units and buy the archery stamp, then you could hunt the archery and come back if unsuccessful and hunt the rifle with your archery gear if you wanted or your rifle. Check the regs to make sure the LE unit allows it not all do.

You might want to check it out looks like 39 and 40 type 1 could be drawn with your PP's.

I'm sure others will weigh in with some more info.

Good luck