2014 application


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Apr 7, 2011
Hey guys, I've been on a bit of an Eastman's forum hiatus due to school and whatnot, but I'm back and am looking for a little input or suggestions on this year's application season. This very well may be my last year in Nevada since med school will be ending and I'll be starting residency God-knows-where. Anyways, I've yet to draw a Nevada tag and would really like to at least draw one deer tag before I leave. This next year looks like I'll have some time to actually hunt if I draw too, so my options are a bit better than in years past. I'll have 3 points going in to this year so it looks like there are a fair amount of units that have a very good draw odds for residents with 3 points. However, I really want to draw THIS year if possible since I don't have any idea what my future is going to be like after this year. I'm open to any suggestions. Things I've considered are to make area 10 my fifth choice but have had some people tell me there are better options than 10 though the experience alone of hunting the Rubbies seems appealing. One area I'm really considering is 7. It looks like the odds for 3 points last year were nearly 100% and the buck quality seems pretty good. Plus the Jarbige area looks pretty amazing. My old man has also agreed to meet me with the horses if I do draw so I also have that as an option. I also see there are a lot of the hunt unit groups in the central part of the state with essentially guaranteed draws with 3 points but I really don't know much about the areas. So if you had 3 points to draw a tag this year, what would be your application strategy and what units would you go for if you could hunt Nevada mule deer one time, this year?