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    2022 WY Bison/Goat/Moose/Sheep Results

    Nothing for me, surprise, surprise!
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    Sheep Week is Back in Reno! Who’s coming?

    The sun coming over the mountain at just the right angle certainly doesn't help with our facial expressions in the picture. Man, was it bright.
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    Sheep Week is Back in Reno! Who’s coming?

    Guy is the keynote speaker at the Life Member Breakfast. Looking forward to hearing him and hopefully meeting him.
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    Arctic Air ( Mike and Shiela Spisak ) & Outdoor International - Buyer Beware!

    Sorry to hear about your experience, but thank you for making it known.
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    Wilderness horse back hunt

    You should have a great time and hunt IKC. That crew is a ball to be around. nv-hunter, they have a mule deer hunt for auction at the Sheep Show, if you would be interested.
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    Sheep Week is Back in Reno! Who’s coming?

    I'll be there. Can't wait. Looks like the schedule is packed.
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Just barely over 2 months since pulling the trigger on him, I got my full body Kodiak Billy Mountain Goat mount back from the taxidermist. Was not able to get the glands to display as they were, but otherwise I am astounded at the job he did.
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    Eastmans Coffee Cocoa Rub with Bacon Shroom Gravy

    That looks like perfection.
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    Son in laws desert ram

    Congratulations on a great desert ram!
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Got this old mountain goat on Kodiak Island in early October. 8.5 years old and a huge body. Killed him at 4 PM and got back to camp at 11:30 PM through snow, rain, fog and wind. Didn't get any meat from him as Fed Ex delayed shipping it home and it thawed out and got discarded. I was headed...
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    2020 WSF SHOW

    Hey all. Wanted to let you know that my hunt story will be in the next issue of the magazine, 157. Should be hitting mailboxes any time.
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    Kodiak fishing lodges

    Check out the guys at Rohrer Bear Camp. Have not been with them, but they are good people and I think you would have a great trip.
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    Finally, 2021 Wyoming Unit 26 Moose Hunt Tag!

    Congratulations on your moose tag. The elk in my avatar were taken in your unit. Unfortunately, I didn't see any moose on that trip. Good luck and keep us updated on your hunt!
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    Which One Would You Shoot?