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    The Memes Thread!

    This is going to be a good thread!
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    Wyoming Migration Initiative Video!

    Very grateful of Eastmans to do this. Kudos!
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    Official Post Padding Thread

    It may never be surpassed, but the Jocularity thread is slowly playing catch up.
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    Where U going to hunt this year???

    Thanks CC. Looking forward to it!
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    Where U going to hunt this year???

    I won an Alaskan Dall Sheep hunt at the WSF show for August. I'm adding on a caribou and hopefully grizzly if tag is available. A part of that package was a 4 day precision shooting course at the FTW ranch in Texas. Between the logistics and time with those 2 items, that is all that I will be...
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    2020 WSF SHOW

    Did you find a hunt?
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    2020 WSF SHOW

    AK, he is who I chose for winning. I spent most of the show with the crew and I have to agree with you. He seems to be pretty popular and respected by all.
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    2020 WSF SHOW

    Maxhunter, you definitely do. It is a great atmosphere, but bring plenty of money!
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    2020 WSF SHOW

    I've been a member for 4 years and this is my 3rd year attending. I didn't even hear my name being announced, just my hometown, lol. The outfitter and I were talking about when I wanted to book with him just before heading in for the drawing. I said just to wait a couple months here and get...
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    2020 WSF SHOW

    Needless to say, I had a pretty good time at the show!
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    2020 goals/desires

    What outfitter are you going with for the AK Dall hunt?
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    Yep, that's why I take what most people say with a grain of salt. I hate hearing supposed scores of whitetail bucks. The vast majority of people have no idea how the scoring system(s) even work. I usually figure on at least 25 inches less than what people think the score is and I may be a...
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    Anyone headed to Reno for Sheep Show!

    I'll be there from Tuesday till Sunday. Would love to meet up during that time. You will love it, it is a great show.
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    You can put Pennsylvania in there as well.
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    Thanksgiving Buck!

    Some scripts are not meant to be written. Congrats and condolences for your loss.