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    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    Apparently the Feds and GTNP don't give a crap about hunting ethics, game management or the WGFD. For years they've fought the WGFD and resident hunters on the "elk reduction program" as well. They conveniently use the term "invasive species" to describe mountain goats, an animal that lives in...
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    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    I hear what your saying but they managed to net sheep from helicopters in the same area in the last couple of years.
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    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    Or relocate them.
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    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    Tomorrow, Grand Teton Nat'l Park will start the gunning of mountain goats from helicopters in an effort to completely eradicate all of the goats within the park. They consider the goats to be an invasive species and a threat to the struggling bighorn sheep population. I sure wish they had that...
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    Wyoming considering a move?

    You only live once....I think. I'm here for the hunting (definitely not the money) but I'd never leave. As my dad always said, "I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could." I guess the wind can be pretty bad in some parts of Wyoming but not everywhere. Winters can be really long and...
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    Fawn Killer Prosecuted

    There's not enough information in that article for me to make a judgement.
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    GETTIN OLD.......

    My dad had neck surgery in the 1980's and it has bothered him ever since, he's now 85. He killed his first moose at 80. It is also his only B&C animal. I just got back from fishing in Alaska and one fella was 85 years young and planning his next trip in 2020. I'd say you're not done yet.
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    WY Area 34 Deer

    Just wondering if anyone might have some general pointers for area 34 deer. My daughter drew a tag but I've never stepped foot in that area and don't know squat about it. I'd just like to find her a nice 4 point, not looking for a monster. She's in college at Laramie so we're probably only...
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    Wyoming Mule Deer Herd Health

    We had a huge amount of snow in February in the Greys River area of Western WYO. This was what we still had in my yard last week before I left for a job Iowa where the weather here is in the 70's! I'm worried about the deer...again.
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    The 2018 Antelope Picture Thread!

    I shot this character this afternoon.
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    Game Processing within 90 miles of Pinedale WY?

    They are definitely open on the weekends. If no one is there call the after hours number on the door and someone will probably be there in 5 minutes. We're picking up my daughter's elk from them tonight.
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    Lets see your mounts!

    Thanks WY-Tex Jason House (Creations In Antlers) in Greybull, WY did 2 elk and one bear skull for me. He's good. The antler has a copper coating that is then acid washed in the crevices for greenish highlights.
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    Lets see your mounts!

    I don't get much shoulder mounted anymore because of the expense and amount of space they take up. My favorite skull mount is my daughter's 7x8 elk that we had "copperized" (if there is such a word).
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    Let?s see your best sheds or deadheads

    He was 411 4/8" gross. 392 3/8" net. I heard a few folks at the auction claim there was no way that bull scored over 400". I think just the pictures say otherwise. Here's the other side view. Here's another one that didn't make it through winter. He's 383 1/8" gross, 354 2/8 net...
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    Let?s see your best sheds or deadheads

    Here's a big winter kill that the Boy Scouts picked up this spring on the Nat'l Elk Refuge. He's the biggest winter kill I've scored for them since helping them for about the last 15 years.