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    Favorite sidearm?

    What is everyone's favorite pistol to carry while hiking or hunting? I have a Taurus Millennium Pro in .45 acp, Taurus Revolover in .357 mag and a Ruger SR45. Carry the Ruger for the most part
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    Compass? GPS? Phone?

    Just wondering what everyone uses in the wilderness to "find their way." I learned from a young age to use a compass, and years later my cousin, who is a career army ranger, taught me to perfect my compass use. Since technology is pretty awesome now I have begun using my phone to assist in my...
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    Ruptured Achilles

    This past Monday I ruptured my Achilles playing basketball, looking forward to 6 months of rehab! Has anybody else had this happen and how did rehab go for you? I'm in pretty good shape and relatively young (31) so I imagine I can recover somewhat quickly but they guess I won't be running for...
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    Wife's first hunt

    Good afternoon all, I hope you are all as excited as I am about the 2017 big game brochure being released! I'm hoping I get a first season bull for unit 49 this year! As far as deer is concerned, my wife will be joining me for her first big game hunt. We are planning on a 4th season hunt and...
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    NCAA Tournament!

    Who else is excited for a little March Madness? Lets hear who you are cheering for, your alum, and your final four! I cheer for Duke, attend the University of Colorado. Final Four: Kentucky Virginia Arizona Northern Iowa
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    Waterproof pants

    Hello everyone, I'm planning on buying some waterproof pants for hunting and am need of your advice. I like to wear a base layer and waterproof pants, it makes me lighter and gives me more room in my bag, blah blah blah. my question is: which waterproof pants have you found to 1) be the most...
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    Unit 9 late season elk

    Hey everyone! I'm looking at late season leftover cow tags and am wondering if it would be worth my time to get one for unit 9 or unit 461? I have never hunted the units but would like some more meat.
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    Colorado unit 12 Elk

    Hey everyone, I hope archery is going well for you all and are getting into some good bucks and bulls! This year for first season rifle, I will be heading up to unit 12 for a bull elk. I know it is heavily hunted and easily accessed but circumstances put me here for my first hunt in this unit...
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    Young father and guns

    Hey everyone, I have a couple questions. I am a young father, my wife and I have 3 boys, ages 6, 3 and 8 months. My two older boys help me clean some of the guns in a safe environment and have always been taught gun safety. My first question is when to buy my older son his first gun, I was...
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    NFL season is here!

    While we are all certainly looking forward to our hunts that are already here or here in the next few months, the NFL season starts this week! Anyone have bold predictions or looking forward to anything in particular? I say Denver vs Indy in the AFC championship and Seattle vs Green Bay in the...
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    First Lite clothing question

    Hey everyone, quick question. I'm looking to buy some first lite base layers but am wondering if i should buy the midweight or liteweight. I hunt archery, and typically 1st and 2nd season rifle here in Colorado. I am not a still hunter and can cover a lot of ground if needed. any thoughts are...
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    Favorite PSE

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a bow in the near future and was looking for your opinions and advice. What is your favorite bow and why? I know a lot of guys are loyal to specific brands so if you have other ideas throw them out!
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    Greetings from Westminster CO

    Hello all, I hope everyone is enjoying their day and prepping for upcoming hunting seasons! My name is Cody and I have been to this site numerous times, have subscriptions to EHJ and BHJ. I am currently a student with a wife and 3 children. I have been hunting every year for years but...