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    Bear attack

    A completely loaded and completely emptied 454Casull or 44 magnum firearm would have been better.
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    Social media affects

    Here’s another issue your comment made me think of. My neighbor always bragged how she would stock up her garage box freezer with all the trout that was just stocked for all the members of the association to fish. Needless to say everyone’s dues paid for the stocked trout. She rather be a...
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    Social media affects

    Possible more people are there because they are not working due to Covid ? Besides there should be plenty of crappy for everyone. As for social network sprawl, it’s similar to urban sprawl. You will have to find other remote locations if you wish to avoid people. Or move to Alaska- lol. We’ve...
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    Favorite Piece Of Gear???

    ATV’s are always great when when they get you into and out of great locations. Not so great when they malfunction and need to be serviced. Or one of your buddies flips them and busts the ATV and themselves up. I had 3 ATV’s and got tired of the mishaps and servicing them. I like low maintenance...
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    Favorite Piece Of Gear???

    Aside from my rifle I would say my sidearm after seeing a hunter got chewed up by an alligator in Florida. Good thing too because I encountered one myself 3 weeks later and had a feeling of reassurance. I was luckier because the gator ran off. However favorites are always tough to answer...
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    Opening The Can Of Worms...Coronavirus...

    Time will tell. I have never seen society shut down like this. It makes you wonder what is going on. Another issue will be the terrible economic impact if it doesn't ease soon enough.
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    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    59 years old. Of the many hobbies I have, firearms is still very fulfilling . Still taking people to the range and hunting that never did before.
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    Favorite Rifle???

    I had a somewhat similar situation once. Let me say first that it makes no difference to me if someone sits next to me when all the other stations are empty. However,if it's one of those meddling types that start making unwarranted suggestions or comments, a WSM may be a good solution. My 325wsm...