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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    What a Toad!! great bull
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    what state?
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    Last call...Mystery Ranch Giveaway!

    been looking at this gear for some time.
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    The Sig BDX System Giveaway!

    this would be a great for sure!! signing back up
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    West Beatty Butte

    I got my first speed goat in this unit 15yrs ago.. been applying off and on ever since. like mentioned find water and hunt late. Have a quality cooler with plenty of ice until you can get to town or home. dont want any meat to spoil. enjoy!
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    East Deschutes Sheep Tag!

    that upper right ram looks great as well. Good luck in your scouting. how fun!!
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    Danner Vitals boots

    Anyone have experience with this boot from Danner? I tried a pair on and they felt really good and light weight. the price isn't bad either. I do most of my hunting in Oct/Nov here in Oregon so conditions can be either wet or snow typically. Thanks Travis
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    New jacket time

    Hey fellas, the time has come to purchase a new jacket. I typically hunt late Oct- mid November here in Oregon for elk. as you guys know the weather can vary year by year. Some years its blue bird and 50-60 degree days while other years we are in the 20's with snow and wind. I typically hunt at...
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    Open deer season

    looking forward to the season kicking off here soon. Still need more rain though as the woods are still rather crunchy. Anyone been out scouting much. I made a small trip last saturday, saw little to no sign which was a bit frustrating but again that was just one area. need to head out and do...
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    ODFW hack

    so whats with ODFW getting hacked. they say no data was pulled, not sure i believe that totally.
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    2016 - Oregon planning

    I got my Sportmans-Pac the other day. I am sure getting excited for this years hunting opportunities. Hoping to for some looks at a bear and cat obviously not at the same time. Travis
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    Any First season elk hunts to report on?

    I am getting ready to head out here soon for a second season hunt and was wondering how others had done first season in your areas. Hope the weather worked out for you all and the hunt as well. Travis
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    Portland area Rifle range

    Anyone been out to the English Pit up near Vancouver? I need to go sight my rifle in and have had a difficult time locating a safe 100yrd location up in the MT.Hood NF. Naturally this would be my first choice being up in the woods. the English Pit looks like a decent facility. Spendy though but...
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    Cabelas Instinct line of gear

    Was at Cabelas last weekend and saw this gear. Is this a new product? anyone use this line of gear?
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    Gunsmith near Oregon City

    Anyone know of a reputable shop that you would take your own rifle to for various work? Looking at a trigger swap, having over inspection of the barrel and so forth. Thanks again, Travis