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    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Stressful moments. I’ve always said you can’t celebrate till you have your hands on them. Congrats
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    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Damn nice Oregon bull 247 !
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    Best boots for elk hunting

    I’ve been tricked by marketing when it come to boots more than once. At the end of it all it boils down to fit, not brand. The most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best for you. I hated my Kenetrek ME boots, I fought blisters for weeks before they broke in or I built enough calluses to...
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    The Memes Thread!

    I remember those hay hauling days as a kid! We couldn’t wait to get off work and go swim in the river. Where I grew up you either worked on a farm or logged in the summer. I chose farm work, I didn't think I was tough enough to set chokers. Hard work builds character.
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    Where is everyone?

    I check in daily, I don’t do book face so this and one other hunting forum is my only social media connection. I’ve always liked the crowd here, respectful, knowledgeable and entertaining. I haven’t posted a lot lately, it’s a really messy world and it’s tough to be positive sometimes. I’ve...
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    Closest Kill

    My bighorn ram at 13 yards. I was expecting a longer shot but he moved on me while I was stalking in on him. It was a very intense situation when he stood up, I was positioned for a shot to my right and he was below me to my left. My scope was on 9x and when I put it in him everything was...
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    Oregon’s Latest Stupidity

    I Kant bleeve what Iz reedin! Back wen I got my diplooma 27 years ago in 1988 here in Orygun you had two now all that stuff. Why brother goin to skool.
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    4 wheel drive projects

    I ran against dads truck yesterday with brother Roy at the wheel. It’s a fast truck for sure! Not quite as fast as my Jeep though 😝
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    4 wheel drive projects

    This is my dads 58 Chevy Apache. He bought it in 1971 He drove it every day for about twenty years. It’s had several different engines in it over the decades 350, 396, 427, 454 and now blown 509 with 1000 HP. He can’t drive it anymore but my dear brother put it back together so he can at least...
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    The Memes Thread!

    My solution for modern gas cans is a funnel.
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    Which One Would You Shoot?

    Mule deer for sure.
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    The Memes Thread!

    Yeah I was 13
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    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    They rented a house on the coast and stayed there. Your very quick to judge without any knowledge.
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    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    Im will not get the shot. I’ve never taken a flu shot and don’t get the flu. I’m not scared of getting the Vid, I know several people who have had it and it seems less worrisome than Most hangovers. Hell one couple I know went on a vacation when they got it because they couldn’t go to work...
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    What kind of hunter...

    Neat thread, I really never put much thought into it. It’s just something in me. When I was a kid we lived in a place where there were corn fields, brush patches and a creek. We fished that creek all the time, I would get bored if that quickly and sneak off back to the house and take my brothers...