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    7 years worth of points.....paid off!

    What a pig
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    Colorado Women Going Topless om Mtn Tops

    Alaskan second base. over the snow suit and under the parka!
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    How many hunting packs ???

    I have two Kifaru E&E for light stuff/ stand hunting Stone Glacier sky 5900 to be my work horse do all pack. It fits me well and time will tell. Picked it up last fall
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    Elk kills Hunter

    how sad
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    Beef Brisket - smoking/grilling

    Oh baby that looks good
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    Kestrel Ballistics Giveaway

    if only I can shoot like @mcseal2, win this and I can
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    Muzzloader Legal In Your State?

    might need a new muzzleloader to put them on too
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    Corn fed whitetail.

    Yummy 😋
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    Bear attack

    Sad story. RIP
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    I want a new smoker

    I don’t know what you want to spend but my coworkers has a Yoder 640 and it will smoke and sear on the same grill. Made in Kansas and $$$. Cousin has a Blaz’n grill “iron work” also $$$. I have two Big green eggs so no personal experience. But have ate great food off the Yoder and my cousin...
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    If you could change your profession, what would it be?

    CRNA or dentist But I love my job working with kids as a flight respiratory therapist.
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    Alternate Venison Roast usage

    I’m going to have to make snake sticks or get some made. Kids have almost finished 70#. stir fry Enchiladas Tacos jerky will go fast We grind a fair amount to make anything that requires burger 🍔
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    camp cocktails

    In deer camp, boppas orders “flaming Yukon Jack” when deer is harvested in camp for everyone. Man that stuff will give you rock gut. Otherwise it’s Jameson chilled in the river!
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    Vortex Diamondback spotting scope

    My razor vortex spotter 65mm is the only thing from them I haven’t sent back yet. You will use the warranty. Viper scope has been back twice. Diamondback binos once and they sent new. The new ones are falling apart too. I would feel bad selling them to someone. I would find a user Razor spotter...