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    Preferred bugle call

    I started with the Primos Pack Bugle then transitioned into diaphragm calls. At the beginning I would just gag, probably lasted almost a year. I kept after it then all of a sudden no gagging and I can make decent sounds. I have tried diaphragms from Primos, Rocky Mountain, and Phelps. I...
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    Decided on Caliber - Now need to decide on Rifle

    I bought the Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed in 6.5 Creedmoor and love the rifle so that gets my vote.
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    When do Harvest reports come out?

    NV requires you fill out the harvest report or there is a monetary charge before you can apply again. I think majority of tags issued here do get reported. They are fairly slow getting the information out to the masses.
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    Question For Chukar Hunters

    You're welcome and happy hunting!
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    Question For Chukar Hunters

    Here is some information for your research. Pretty sure you could find it cheaper on Amazon or EBay.
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    Phone scope

    I thought about using an old phone exclusively for this but decided I didn't want to carry 2 phones. Either route you decide I think you will like what phone skope allows you to do and the pictures you will get.
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    Question For Chukar Hunters

    Duke, my German Wirehaired Pointer, had the same problem. I didn't like the booty idea as in the rock and snow I wanted him to have all the advantages that come with his natural feet. I started using a Remington product that you spray on the feet. It worked fairly well but became hard to...
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    Phone scope

    I am using it on the LG V20 which also has the 2 cameras. I have one of the original universal phone skopes so I made sure that when I got this phone I put it on the camera that has the better zoom. One thing I was glad that I purchased was a little wireless shutter clicker for cheap off of...
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    Alaknak Tent

    Q&A on the Cabela's website says the vestibule for a 12x12 alaknak weights approximately 22 pounds.
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    Antelope success thread

    Well damn the luck kidoggy, here is to a speedy recovery. If you need help this weekend with the cow let me know.
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    Moose Ribs

    If you don't want to mess with the bone, the rib roll technique might be something to consider. We did it with my buddy's wife's cow elk. Then I think you can roll it up with some jalapeno cream cheese and wrap it in bacon then slow cook it in the smoker. I think the options are endless...
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    Gloves - 2019 State of the Union

    I have a whole line of Kuiu gloves and love them but haven't used any for the purposes you are questioning.
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    Gloves - 2019 State of the Union

    I saw this advertisement on IG and it sounded interesting. Haven't bought them though.
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    121 104 108

    I think I know someone, he act like he know where all the 400+ bulls are hanging. We will see.